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Sadia’s Masala Chai

MasalachaiAt our tea parties, there are often requests for recipes and how to’s, our most sought after is our masala chai recipe. So here it is for all you lovely folk who enjoy a good cuppa chai:

Sadia’s Masala Chai

Serves 2 people


1 and a half cups of water

2 heaped teaspoons of Assam tea leaves

1/4 teaspoon of Masala Chai

Sugar to taste

1 cup of milk

3 crushed cardamon pods


Boil 1 and a half cups of water, adding 2 heaped teaspoons of Assam tea leaves whilst the water is boiling. Then add 1/4 teaspoon of Masala Chai (this can be brought from any good Indian/South Asian shop). Bring water to the boil and then add 1 cup of milk and the cardamon pods and sugar to taste. Let the chai simmer for a few minutes (to let the milk heat up) and then using a strainer pour your tea out and serve.

Voila there you have it folks, Masala Chai. Enjoy.

Sneak Peek: Photos preview

Excited to be sharing a sneaky peek of some photos taken this weekend with Connie Taylor Photography for our new website and promo materials. I’m sure you’ll agree that these are absolutely tea-rrific!

Looking forward to sharing some more. Hope you all have a tea-riffic Thursday!

Community Dialogues at Royal Botanic Gardens Kew

Artist and Tea party hostess Sadia Ur-Rehman has been busy developing the project ‘Edible Plants: Community Dialogues’ for Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. Sadia will be working with four local community organisations in a series of workshops in the format of a ‘pop up tea salon’ to explore edible plants in both the Temperate House and Palm House.

The project aims to engage and bring together groups of different, diverse cultural backgrounds to creatively explore and exchange dialogues on edible plants. The origins of a series of edible plants will be explored, how they are used in cooking and in particular specific stories shared and captured.

On Thursday 21st February, Sadia hosted her first tea party with Age UK Hounslow at Kew exploring the edible plants; tea, cocoa, chilli pepper and turmeric. The group had some lively discussions and shared some interesting stories!

Here are a selection of photos from the day:

(c) Photo credits: Mikey Knott


Sadia_Tea @ Museum of Childhood

Hello all and welcome to Sadia’s Tea Party, on this blog page we’ll keep you up to date with all things tea.

Sadia’s tea parties offer a unique and vibrant experience, hosted by artist and tea hostess Sadia Ur-Rehman, using the idea of traditional afternoon tea, stirring it up a little with the addition of specially designed themed parlour games and an international theme that’ll allow you to travel the globe whilst you sup on your tea in fancy china.

The tea parties were born in late 2010. From January to March 2011, Sadia hosted six tea parties at Valentines Mansion as part of the project ‘A Local Dialogue’.  Using tea as a connector, ‘A Local Dialogue’ is an experimental approach to working with words and language for a project that inspires residents of a particular local area. As an avid tea lover Sadia decided to host the tea parties for local residents, creating a communal space for local people to meet and discuss the local area.

‘’The idea for the tea parties came about from my own love of the beverage and how a good cuppa can be the setting for a really good conversation. I wanted to create a space where strangers could connect and engage over a conversation and I thought about an activity that all communities and cultures shared, and tea drinking seemed apt.”

Each tea party served a different type of tea from a different part of the world, guests were able to experience how tea is drunk in South Asia, North Africa, Persia, China and of course England. An authentic experience was provided with each tea party, Sadia also set a topic of conversation about the local area and history designing fun and interactive parlour games for guests to play.

Since then Sadia has taken her tea parties to a number of locations including the National Maritime Museum and Royal Botanic Gardens Kew. Sadia even met the Queen in a special performative tea party as part of the London Pride Festival. In 2013 Sadia plans to take her tea parties far and wide, keep up to date with all delving’s and developments on this blog!