Tea Highlights of 2014

We had a super busy and absolutely tea-riffic 2014 and we’d like to share some of the special tea moments we had!

Through our ‘Around the World in Tea’ blog we travelled to numerous places sampling a glorious selection of exotic teas, including Elaichi Chai in Pakistan, Maghrebi Mint tea in Tunisia, Persian tea in Iran, Masala Chai in India and the deep, black and vagrant Iraqi tea from Iraq. In each of these posts you can follow our unique recipes with a step by step how to!




And finally, On 10 December 1954, Cutty Sark arrived in her permanent berth in Greenwich. To mark the 60th anniversary of the ship’s arrival, Sadia’s Tea Party hosted a special tea party. On 10 December 2014, guests shared their memories of the ship over afternoon tea under the hull of Cutty Sark. Here are a selection of photos from the wonderful occasion.

A Victorian Affair: Tea Party at the Charles Dickens Museum

Sadia's Tea Party at the Charles Dickens Museum

On Saturday 14th June we’re looking forward to hosting a bespoke Victorian Tea Party at the Charles Dickens Museum. Here’s some more info:

‘Join us in the beautiful walled garden of the Charles Dickens Museum for a truly Dickensian Victorian tea experience!

Journey back in time for a delectable Victorian high tea at the Dickens’s ‘House in Town’, with delicious treats inspired by Catherine Dickens’s cookbook What Shall We Have for Dinner?

As you sip your freshly brewed English tea, you will enter the world of Dickens, his young wife, and his memorable characters. Take part in bespoke Dickensian parlour games and gain an insight into the history behind the terrifically English tradition of afternoon tea.

Following their tea party in the garden, guests are invited to collect a glass of champagne and sneak into the family townhouse at 48 Doughty Street for an out-of-hours private view of the beautifully designed interiors – upstairs, downstairs and everywhere in between!’

There are two sittings at 17:00 and 18:45, to book your tickets click here.